The lore or backstory of the Eternia 

Section headingEdit

Long ago, when the planet Victus first set foot into space, they didn't know what to expect. There were hundreads of planets and stars to explore, and plenty of valuable minerals to extract. The space corporation known as "Eternia" was the first to venture beyond the star and mine these planets. It wasn't long before people started making their own ships to go into space with authorization, and became pirates and adventurers. Eternia was soon granted military funding, to start making weapons to combat these pirates. They built dozens of huge weapons.. None bigger than the "Juggernaught" cannon. It could destroy entire planets in minutes. This weapon was a bargaining chip, and without firing a single shot they took control of the planet Victus, and started the Eternia empire. They want absolute control of space, and will do anything to get there. You, are a prisoner aboard the prison frigate "Hail." What you did to get in there, we don't know or care. Hell, you might not have even diserved to be there. But time has come. Eternia is holding recruitments for it's military, and that's the only way out of prison. Either join the military, or find a way to escape.  After that.. We'll see what happens.

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